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Treatment for Dizziness Available

At Health For Life, Susan L. Jackson, Physical Therapist treats most forms of dizziness. “Dizziness comes in different forms,” says Jackson. “It may be a feeling of the room spinning, it can bring nausea with it, or it could be a vague feeling of lightheadedness. It can happen out of the blue, or while changing positions such as moving from sitting to lying down on one side or the other. Dizziness can be severe enough to affect balance and make walking difficult.”

Neurologic Relief Centers Technique, NRCT™ for short, is a new breakthrough treatment that relieves irritation along nerve roots and restores the flow of Cerebral Spinal Fluid. “If the coating surrounding the brain and spinal cord, the meninges, becomes compressed, it can pull on any nerve in the body, causing any number of symptoms, including dizziness,” says Jackson. “NRCT™ is a simple non-invasive soft tissue treatment that can provide needed relief from even long standing problems.”

For more information call Susan L. Jackson at 321-259-0555 or visit

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