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New Products from Beyond Organic

May 26, 2012 01:20PM


Sandra Miller introduces new 2012 products from Beyond Organic. Enjoy limited release of Artisan Select Cheddar: a delicious, farmstead raw milk cheese, aged a minimum of 6 months. Also, the new AMASAI™ (like Kefir) Flavors in Blueberry Açaí and Mango Peach. The new SueroViv™ Green, a refreshing and replenishing new way to get your greens, contains organic cultured whey, organic wheatgrass juice and organic carrot juice. Also SueroGold™, a unique and versatile drink, is 100% GreenFed™ Cultured Whey. Whey has been prized for thousands of years, but is virtually missing in the diet. It’s high in electrolyte minerals including Potassium, a key mineral that is often deficient. Drink SueroGold™ straight as a Tonic Elixir or use in any recipe that calls for water or milk, especially when cooking whole grains such as brown rice or quinoa, or for baked goods like pancakes, or even oatmeal.

For more information, contact Jason & Sandra Miller at 321-431-8771 or visit

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