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Solar Site Assessment to Lower Summer Utility Bills


For most Florida homeowners, summer means the air conditioner is working overtime, and the utility bills go up.

For smart homeowners, summer means it's time to look for ways to lower utility bills and take the load off the A/C. If the attic is hot now, it's only going to get hotter. HVAC ducts run through the hot attic on the way to the vents. Conditioned air actually gets re-heated just before it's blown into the home. It sounds like an unavoidable cycle of wasted energy, but it doesn't have to be. SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEMS of Brevard can determine where solar attic ventilation will work, and custom size a ventilation system to save wear and tear on the air conditioner, add years to the life of the roof, and save homeowners hundreds of dollars in cooling costs.

SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEMS of Brevard offers a site assessment that looks at a home’s existing utility consumption, the family’s lifestyle and budget. Knowledgeable staff will help determine which system or combination of systems will meet the homeowner’s needs and expectations. “No telemarketing and no high-pressure sales tactics—just great solar solutions and excellent customer service,” says Jacque Wirth.

SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEMS, Brevard 321-253-3232, Beaches 321-777-3280,