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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Soul Healing Events in Melbourne and Vero Beach

May 26, 2012 01:10PM


Learn simple and powerful techniques for healing and transforming all aspects of life at Soul Healing events in Vero Beach and Melbourne in June. Marsha Valutis, PhD and Certified Master Teacher and Healer is joined by Master Allan Chuck, Worldwide Representative of Master Sha, author of The Power of Soul and Tao Song and Tao Dance. Both are passionate about helping others learn Soul Healing techniques to self-heal and transform all aspects of life.

On June 1, everyone is invited to a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing Evening, Spark of Divine, Vero Beach, to receive Divine Healing Hands blessings for health, relationship, and finances. June 2 at the Community Center for Healing Art, Melbourne, learn Divine and Tao chanting to heal and transform all aspects of life. Also on June 2, apply Soul Power to heal and transform your finances at Spark of Divine.

At all of these events, Master Allan and Marsha will offer Divine Healing Hands blessings to everyone to accelerate the transformation of their heath, relationships, finances or any other aspect of life.

On June 8-10, Master Allan will create new Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers during the Divine Healing Hands Training Workshop in Daytona Beach, the first step of the certification training program. Everyone is invited to apply at or any Soul Healing events. Approved participants will receive the transmission of Divine Healing Hands from Master Allan, a divine channel, and instantly will be able to offer blessings to others.

For a complete list of events call Geho at 386-341-6260 or visit

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