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Water Filters Available at Contemporary Health Innovations, Inc


Dr. Peter Holyk, MD, CNS has been searching for the fountain of youth since 1997. He has been testing and researching the many water filters that continuously enter the market, wading through the hype and high prices to find a suitable product. Dr. Holyk says “Most have some positive aspects, but none has combined all the features I look for until now, and at a reasonable price. Plus, we can offer a large variety of products from portable and countertop to under counter units and whole house units to a variety of shower filters.”

“The ideal water filter produces water that hydrates your body with smaller water clusters, removes toxins including fluoride, has the proper pH, the highest anti-oxidant potential and tastes great.”

Units can be individualized. Many other models can be updated with these improved cartridges.

To learn more or view the selection of filters call 772-388-5554. Contemporary Health Innovations, Inc is located in Sebastian. 

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