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Organic Baby Clothes

Feb 29, 2012 01:45PM

A new line of 100% organic children’s clothing founded by Tara Dickinson called “Nirvana Mama” is now available.

Dickinson designed the line of onesies, tees, hats, and bibs all created from fabrics made with 100% certified organic cotton yarns grown from non-genetically altered seeds and nourished without the use of chemical fertilizers.

After using iron-on applications to design clothing for friends, Dickinson decided it was time to share the well-received gifts with others. “These are not just baby clothes; these are the beginning of a healthier future,” states Dickinson. “Thanks to Nirvana Mama there is a superior option for stylish baby clothes that will neither harm them nor the environment.”

Nirvana Mama clothes have original art not found anywhere else in the world. Drawn purely on the ‘joy’ and ‘happiness’ of childhood, Dickinson and artist Jaya Frank created iconic images that are completely blissful. The goal is to inspire others to connect with their own personal joy and happiness. Every child deserves the best and Nirvana Mama is making it easy to go green with kids.

Priced at $12-$34, this sustainable collection in infant to toddlers sizes can be found at

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