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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

DNA Music with Solfeggio Frequencies Workshop

On Saturday, January 14, world-renowned meditation CD musicians, Omnipure, will present their music at Aquarian Dreams. The workshop is said to give participants a deep healing meditative state of consciousness as they listen to beautiful sounds, vibrations, and frequencies.

"In our lively and powerful workshop for all levels, we share with you our innovative healing techniques to assist you in accessing your DNA through an alchemical process of Sound and Light through the divine beauty of Solfeggio Frequencies,” said musicians Kirkland and Laura Ross, who are currently touring North America.

The workshop will include Music of Love Light Wisdom and Power to demonstrate how to radiate high frequency energy throughout the body, which ultimately serves to raise the vibration of the body, according to Ross.

Cost for the workshop is $20, which includes an OMNIPURE CD at the event. Contact Aquarian Dreams, 414 N. Miramar Ave, Indialantic. 321-729-9495. [email protected]