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Bonewalkers Plus Program

Dec 22, 2011 01:13AM

Two mornings each week, there is a new Bonewalkers Plus program of osteoporosis-safe exercises and rhythmic walking designed to increase circulation, balance, and posture, and strategically tone up muscles around past-injured joints.

This program assists participants in learning proper body mechanics to prevent falls and re-injury. It has also been shown to help hold the body in proper alignment, and help participants feel mentally sharper as they improve focus, memory, and attention with several levels of pattern walking to music.

Vicki Buckley leads Bonewalkers and incorporates her Masters in learning, memory, attention, and focus with children, to create Bonewalkers Plus, a fun individualized, osteo-safe-modified exercise class for those searching to maximize what they have, and use it so they don't lose it.

Locations and times: Satellite Beach David Schechter Rec Center, Mondays, 10:30–11:30am, $5 at the door. Wickham Senior Center, Wednesdays, 10:15–11:15am, $5 at the door (non-members $6). For more information, contact Vicki Buckley, M.Ed., BBA, 321-759-4962 or [email protected]

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