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The Bald Strawberry Gluten-free Bakery

Sep 28, 2011 09:34PM

The Bald Strawberry bakery and coffee shop in Cape Canaveral was inspired by a trip to Barcelona, Spain where bakeries and coffee shops could be found on almost every street corner. The Bald Strawberry's goal is to provide a place to meet up with friends or catch up on personal time while enjoying one of the many delicious treats, sandwiches, coffee, and teas that are prepared without gluten or preservatives.

Having the bakery 100% gluten-free was motivated by gluten-sensitive customers and family members who desired delicious treats free of the cardboard taste. After investing many hours of experimenting and taste testing, the right gluten-free flour combination evolved. The bakery also offers many dairy-free items.

The Bald Strawberry's most popular breads are the classic white and sun-dried tomato and basil. Favorite desserts include the coffee torte and the chocolate gooey cookie with a decadent cream cheese filling. The breakfast pizza is seasoned with olive oil on gluten-free pizza dough topped with mozzarella, an egg, and various toppings, all baked.

The Bald Strawberry has three different sitting rooms decorated with various relaxing themes, books, games, and even old vinyl albums to play and enjoy. The walls of the shop are adorned with artwork and photography provided by aspiring local artists.

The Bald Strawberry is located at 6811 N. Atlantic Ave, Cape Canaveral. Call 321-868-7100 or visit for details.

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