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Maki MD – Healthcare for Women

Sep 28, 2011 08:55PM

Kristine Maki of Maki MD has been providing “woman to woman” health care for more than 23 years. As an R.N., she received her Woman's Healthe Nurse Practitioner training at Ball State University in Indiana. Her areas of expertise are BHRT (Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy), gynecologic care, and non-surgical incontinence treatment.

The first appointment at Maki MD is 30-60 minutes and includes a history and physical.  Maki invests time listening to the concerns of her patients and answering questions.

Incontinence care at Maki MD is called Restoration Medicine Continence Care. This highly effective non-surgical treatment includes diagnosis of specific problems, Urodynamics evaluation, along with biofeedback and stimulation to the muscles involved in urination. “Our staff will gently guide you through your treatment,” states Maki.

Maki MD is located at 190 S Sykes Creek Pkwy, Ste 3, Merritt Island. Call 321-305-5970 for information or to schedule an appointment.