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Peter Holyk, MD, CNS : Natural Health Choices

Apr 26, 2011 10:09AM

Contemporary Health Innovations 


Dr. Peter Holyk, Contemporary Health Innovations, Inc, is an allopathically trained doctor who has bridged the gap into integrative medicine. Holyk focuses his treatment on underlying causes rather than symptoms and chooses the least invasive, completely non-toxic, and most appropriate individualized medical care possible. Preferred complementary therapies include nutrition, vitamins and supplements, biofeedback, oxygen therapies, allergy elimination technique (NAET), chelation and more.

His approach to natural and stress hormones is tailored to each individual patient. Holyk doesn’t believe in the “cookie-cutter” approach of treating everyone the same, especially where hormones are concerned. “Most women who visit a physician for natural hormones think they are just addressing sex hormones, but your adrenals, thyroid, digestive tract, liver function, and other mechanisms are all associated with your hormones and how you utilize them,” explains Holyk. First, Holyk uses multiple types of testing to get a complete profile. Depending on the history of the patient and the results from testing, he can determine if more detailed testing is needed, what type of hormone application is best, and any nutrition or lifestyle changes that are necessary.

Holyk’s 20 years of experience and continuing education has shown him that everyone is unique. While an expert may proclaim a specific treatment, often another study proves that some people need a different treatment. He is careful to take the time needed with each patient to get a full picture.

Contemporary Health Innovations, Inc is committed to working with their patients to help achieve optimum health safely and naturally.

Contemporary Health Innovations
Peter Holyk MD, CNS
600 Schumann Drive
Sebastian, FL 32958

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