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Joanne Priaulx Celebrates 30 years

Joanne Priaulx of Colon Health Services is a 30-year veteran colon therapist serving Brevard County. She is currently offering a "spring cleaning" special to celebrate her anniversary. A lymphatic therapy treatment is included in your first series of colonics with a $10 discount off your first colonic.

“Colon therapy's benefits extend far beyond just the expected clean-out,” says Priaulx. “Clients can expect a sense of renewed vitality as toxic build-up exits the body and better absorption of nutrients takes place. Colon cleansing should be considered in any detox program.”

Brenda Watson of Renew Life Formulas says that 80% of the immune system is based in the gut, "Most people assume that gut health is a separate entity from cardiovascular, psychological, and other types of health, but in truth, the gut is the root and core of our total general well-being. It's our first line of defense."

Colon Health Services is located at 874 W. Eau Gallie Blvd, Melbourne. For more information or an appointment, call 321-242-1713 or visit