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Owning Your Own Health : Deepti Sadhwani, M.D.

Deepti Sadhwani, MD is a leader in integrating conventional and holistic medicine. A results oriented physician who promotes “wellness as an actively sought goal,” she believes strongly in educating her patients. “I want you to be the owner of your own health,” she states emphatically.

Dr. Deepti’s transition into holistic medicine began in 1998 after working for ten years in the conventional medical arena. She became extremely frustrated writing prescription after prescription for patients who did not improve. Her observation, “the only ones who were happy were the pharmaceutical companies.” She knew a lot of the symptoms were caused from medicine interaction. “This is how we are trained,” she says, “to write prescriptions.” This became the catalyst for serious soul searching that changed her belief system permanently. Coming from a scientific background, she felt extensive research was necessary which lead to her own investigation of how food and supplements are processed. The end result was exactly what Hippocrates taught, “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." Dr. Deepti’s mission became to educate her patients utilizing this two thousand year old belief – disease is the product of environmental factors, diet, and living habits.

Education is fundamental to Dr. Deepti’s practice. She empowers her patients by focusing on body weight, dietary habits, and physical fitness. She provides lists of bad foods such as high glycemic index foods which are not allowed and good foods including lean proteins which are encouraged. One of the keys to eating properly is consuming protein first, carbohydrates and fats second.

Supplementation with quality omega 3 fatty acids is a crucial element. Dr. Deepti states there are many inferior omega 3 products on the market. Fish oil that is oxidized or rancid can do more damage than good. She also believes in CoQ10, an energy producing coenzyme. Her patients are taught the importance of a natural, balanced diet, quality vitamins, and which natural foods contain enzymes so fewer supplements are needed.

Dr. Deepti believes controlling silent inflammation is the foremost key to wellness. “Silent inflammation is below the threshold of perceived pain,” says Dr. Deepti. “75% of all Americans, including children, have silent inflammation.” The office provides handouts that explain even people of normal weight can have silent inflammation. It can smolder for years, even decades, and it usually starts in childhood with a standard American diet of pizza, pasta, potatoes, and corn. If the diet does not improve, inflammation will increase and at some point, cause irreversible chronic illness.

Convincing her patients to exercise is a challenge; they just don’t have the energy. However, once people are on the diet, they develop more energy. They soon discover if they eat healthy, take omega 3’s, and exercise, they are able to take less medication, lose weight, and lower their cholesterol and sugar levels. Dr. Deepti prefers walking to overly aggressive exercises such as running as it can damage knee joints.

Dr. Deepti admits she can be strict with her patients; however, everyone gets a second chance. Once handicaps to wellness are discovered, she works with her patients to fix problems. Patients are not just a number; they become a member of her family. Her belief is simple, “Change must come from the heart.” One personal highlight of her career is a patient with Parkinson’s disease. After three years of following protocol, she is no longer in a wheelchair. She walks without assistance and even enjoys dancing lessons.

Dr. Deepti has confidence what she is doing is working. She envisions spreading the word to gain support of like-minded people; her goal is to obtain government support for a national health policy. She has shared her knowledge with hospitals, insurance companies, churches, and schools and would like to be a catalyst to improve school lunches. Her agenda also includes meeting with corporate managers to discuss how high carbohydrate snacks in the break room disable employees by making them less productive. In an effort to reach people on a national scale, she is forming a non-profit organization that will educate through television.

Dr. Deepti practices what she preaches. Every employee in her practice follows her guidelines. Her family members all have the same philosophy. In fact, she foresees her ten year old son assisting with educational presentations to children. Dr. Deepti’s enthusiasm is obvious – she can’t wait to get to work each day and see her patients. Whether it’s the contractor who lost 30 pounds, the 60 year old who looks 35, or the Parkinson’s patient who now enjoys dancing lessons, Dr. Deepti is hopeful she can touch many more lives just by sharing her knowledge. “As I practice, I learn more and more,” she says. “My job is so rewarding and I am excited to spread this word as I see miracles every single day.”

Deepti Sadhwani, MD is a board certified physician. She received her medical training from Government Medical College, Nagpur, India and Finch University of Health Sciences in Chicago, IL. Her teaching experience includes undergraduate students at C.H. and R.C., Indore, India and she has extensive clinical experience in various fields of medicine: primary care, internal medicine, OB/GYN, pediatrics, and emergency medicine. Her practice is Quality Health Care, 12920 U.S. Highway 1, in Sebastian. Call 772-581-2373 for more information.