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Fat-Storing to Fat-Burning

If you have struggled with your weight, your problem may be something you never would have imagined. It could be your weight problem isn’t the real problem – it’s just a symptom of your body’s imbalance. Your problem may be your hormones working against you, rather than for you.

When you get your hormones balanced, the weight issue often takes care of itself.

Boost your body’s health by getting your hormones in balance, then watch the weight melt off like you’ve never experienced before. Your body knows how to produce the hormones you need. It just needs the right environment.

There are five simple steps you can take to transform your body from a fat storing machine into a fat burning machine.

  1. Eat regular meals -- do not skip meals and make sure you are getting enough calories. Do not let yourself get hungry.
  2. Avoid or eliminate refined sugars and grains – be sure to read labels for hidden sugar.
  3. Engage in proper exercise – 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can maximize your workouts for fat burning.
  4. Reduce your stress – Stress increases cortisol (a hormone) and can cause fat retention.
  5. Improve your sleeping habits – Go to bed earlier to make sure you get about 7 hours of sleep. Poor quality sleep inhibits your ability to lose weight.

Practice these simple steps consistently to become a fat burning machine and actually enjoy looking in the mirror again!

Dr. Robin Pace is a Chiropractor who works at Clow Chiropractic and can help you become a fat burning machine. For more information, call Dr. Pace at 321-725-8778 or visit

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