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Welcome to Natural Awakenings Online

April Issue

Climate Health Update
& Healthy Home

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It’s Easy Being Green!

I like to drink my water through a straw. I’m not sure why, but I find I drink more and stay hydrated when I drop a straw in my glass of water.
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Auctions - The Oldest Recycling Business

Most everyone has found themselves enjoying one of the television programs that determine the value of an odd assortment of items.

Do You Have A Food Sensitivity?

Seemingly normal symptoms may not be normal at all. Brain fog, acne, and joint pain can easily be ignored as life’s typical flare ups, but they could be a result of what you are eating.

A New Vision For Our Senior Years

Nearly 35 million Americans are over 65-years-old, according to the 2000 U.S. Census, and that is expected to double by 2030.

3 Keys to Relaxation and Infinite Possibilities

The Three Keys can unlock the treasures of tai chi and qigong anytime, anywhere, for anyone.
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Gardening Asanas

Yoga Poses to Stay Pain-Free
Overdoing garden work can produce aches and pains, but by integrating yoga positions while planting and weeding, we can emerge pain-free after hours of being on our knees and bending.

Indigenous Wisdom

Elders Urge Us to Reimagine Life
Indigenous elders from around the world meet together to pass down four sacred gifts of wisdom we would do well to heed.

Nature’s Remedies

How Animals Self-Medicate
Creatures in the wild ranging from microbes to elephants cope with parasites, pests and pain using natural substances; it all suggests why our preserving the natural world is good for us, too.

Healthy Climate, Healthy People

Why a Warming Planet is Harming Our Health
As the Earth slowly heats up, we’re being affected by rising allergens, disaster-related trauma and the increase in insects carrying dangerous diseases.
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Why Readers Love Natural Awakenings

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Thermography of Brevard Expands, Indian River Thermography is Now Open

Thermography of Brevard is excited to announce thermography scans in Vero Beach, doing business in the Treasure Coast as Indian River Thermography.

Vitalifts Opens in Melbourne

Dr. Sergio and Donna Sobredo are pleased to announce the opening of Vitalifts, an IV Vitamin Center in Melbourne.

Ozone Therapy for Oral Health

Dr. Chris Edwards, from Smile Design and Wellness Center in Viera, who is an accredited dentist with the IAOMT, recently attended the IAOMT meeting in March.

Reiki Training in Jupiter

Patricia Williams, Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher with The International Center for Reiki Training is pleased to offer Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki I, II, ART/Master, and Karuna Reiki Master certification training.

My Florida Green Expands Medical Marijuana Certification Platform

My Florida Green is pleased to announce expansions across the state, including Palm Bay, for its medical marijuana certification platform.

Iridologist Joins Indian River Acupuncture

Indian River Acupuncture in Vero Beach announces the addition of Dr. Susan Young, who holds a PhD in Natural Medicine.

Spiritual Coffee House in Stuart

Unity of Stuart is pleased to host the Spiritual Coffee House with Connected Souls on Wednesday, April 11.

Fanciful Spring Hair Cuts and Colors

Spring is in the air, so it’s a perfect time to make a change.

New Eco-friendly Location for Purely Organic Salon for Hair

Cathy Hammond is proud to announce that Purely Organic Salon for Hair has moved into its new, eco-friendly location in Satellite Beach.

Beth Meyers Joins Ni’s Chinese Medical Center

Ni's Chinese Medical Center is pleased to welcome Beth Meyers, Licensed Acupuncture Physician.

Personalized LIFE Nutrition Program at Fitness Club M I

Fitness Club M I is offering a 12-month Balanced Habits LIFE program. Participants will learn how to take care of themselves nutritionally after working with a personal food coach and making lifestyle modifications.

Organic Mattresses Available in Vero Beach

Diane DiLeo, manager of Mattress haven Organics in Vero Beach, is pleased offer organic mattresses that she feels are as comfortable as name-brand foam mattresses.

Ketamine Holistic Wellness Center Now Open

Sonia Negron, CRNA/ARNP, MS, MSHA, is proud to announce that the Ketamine Holistic Wellness Center is now open in Satellite Beach.

HuDost Workshop - Healing with Live Music, Chant & Sufi Dance

On Saturday, April 28, from 7 to 9 p.m., the HuDost Workshop will explore breath, sound, movement, rhythm, emotion and presence through spiritual work with the elements (ether, air, fire, water, or earth).
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Health Briefs

Whole Grains Help Us Eat Less

Feel Fuller Sooner, Lose Weight

Herbs Ease Polycystic Ovary Symptoms

Natural Remedy Provides Relief

Fruit Pesticides Lower Fertility in Women

Produce Has Impact on Conception

Less REM-Stage Sleep Linked to Dementia Risk

Impact on Mental Acuity

Air Pollution Linked to Psychological Distress

Mental Health Connection Found

High-Fat Diet Risks Multiple Sclerosis Relapse

Increasing Veggies Cuts Risk
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‘Sink’ Setback

Tropical Forests Releasing Excess Carbon

Clear Gain

Window-Like Solar Cells Could Power 40 Percent of U.S. Needs

Distributed Power

Energy Users Control Own Supplies

Scientists’ Security

France Welcomes Beleaguered Climate Researchers

Transforming Plastics

Mobile Trashpresso Turns Trash into Tiles

Top Polluters

Just 100 Companies Emit Most Global Emissions