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Affecting Personal Change through the Chakras

Most people know that our heart is an organ of our circulatory system and that our lungs are organs of our respiratory system. But, did you also know that our energy body has organs just as vital to our health as the heart and lungs?

These organs are called the chakras, and just as the organs of our physical body can be healthy or unhealthy, so too can our chakras. While our physical organs regulate and control physical functions, our chakras regulate a broader experience, as well as affecting the physical body.

Chakras even have their own distinct anatomy. They appear as circular vortices through which energy travels into the physical body. Each of our seven major chakras refracts this energy in to a color or vibration specific to it. This is why we associate red with the first chakra, orange with the second, and so on.

In addition to affecting physical health, our seven major chakras also govern seven major realms of psycho-spiritual experience which correlate with seven stages of personality development. The 1st chakra relates to our self-image, the 2nd to our inner feelings, the 3rd to self-concept, the 4th to self-nurturing, the 5th to self-expression, the 6th to our self-perception and the 7th to our higher purpose.

For the most part, chakras function to convert, metabolize and balance the incoming energy. Otherwise, this power streaming in could overwhelm the human energy system just like a surge in power might flip a breaker in your home’s electrical system. The rate at which energy can flow into the chakras is determined by many factors. However, lower energies associated with emotional conflict and a sense of separation from others can cause the chakras to close or become clogged. Open chakras require work which can be facilitated by an experienced energy healer.

As a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Karen Stresau helps clients affect personal change through hands on healing. Her office is located at 320 Fourth Ave., Indialantic. To learn more about Brennan Healing or to schedule an appointment, call Karen at 321-543-8587, email or visit

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