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Follow Your Yellow Brick Road

When Dorothy set out with Toto, she was in pursuit of finding the Wizard. Her dream was to go home and she thought the Wizard had the keys to the kingdom which she would later come to realize she possessed all along. Along the way she acquires her tribe. The Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion were all on the journey with her. It was in this pursuit that they found their courage, realized how much heart they had and how smart they really were. They stuck together when the flying monkeys would come out and set them back. Her ruby slippers were her gratitude shoes that when she clicked together would give her the peace she needed to stay the course.

When following your dream, it is important to remember why you are pursuing it in the first place. What will it mean to you and the rest of the world for it to be realized? Never lose sight of that. Remembering the big “why” will keep you focused on your journey forward.

Hiring a coach can be extremely beneficial in helping you ward off the flying monkeys who appear to take you off your path. Having someone help you create your plan of action to see it through will prevent you from giving up when you don’t seem to be making progress.

Remember your “why”, find your tribe of supporters, don your gratitude slippers and follow your yellow brick road.

Audra Erwin, The High on Life Coach, can be reached at 321-243-2468 or visit

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