Reduce Allergies Naturally with Essential Oils

Using essential oils to reduce allergies naturally is a beneficial and effective methodology. Specific essential oils that contain anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, and antispasmodic chemical components can provide relief for seasonal allergies. There are many chemical families that produce immune-supportive essential oils, and other varying therapeutic properties that may be used dependent on the symptoms of the individual.

The most effective route of absorption is through inhalation. When you inhale essential oils, they enter the blood stream from the lungs and into the internal system. The added benefit of inhalation is that the essential oils have a direct impact on the respiratory system. However, not all oils are safe for inhalation.

Aromatherapy inhalers are convenient, personal, and do not disturb others “aromatic space.” Another inhalation method is making a steam blend and breathing in the vapor of the essential oil. This method is not convenient, but effective, in keeping those allergies away.

Chronic allergy sufferers often find both inhalation and steam blends work well in eliminating many allergy symptoms. Removing toxic chemicals, body lotions, soaps, air fresheners and other chemically-laden products can also help tremendously in reducing allergies naturally.

Jacqueline Mouton, Certified Aromatherapist can be reached at 321-419-6485. For more information, visit

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