Living Better, Feeling Better

I feel better today than I have in a long time,” I told my doctor. I was at my periodic functional medicine review discussing any changes I could make in my lifestyle for overall health. I am back on the exercise wagon and have been diligent about choosing plant-based nutrition and it didn’t take long to feel the benefits. I am waking up refreshed with more focus and energy than before. Daily life can be a juggling act and making time for self-care can be challenging at times. Although my nest has been empty, parent-care has filled that void for the last few years so finding balance and making time to take care of myself still takes discipline.

In our feature article, Her Soul in Bloom, focuses on the importance of me-time. Life coach Christine Hassler affirms that when women are fully present, every aspect of life can be viewed through a clearer lens. “Self-care helps us tap into our super power, which is our intuition, and by doing that, we know what we need and act on that,” says Hassler. For me, that means listening to my body. It is sending me very clear messages about the need to move, stretch, and eat properly.

This issue is filled with tips and suggestions that we hope will resonate with you. Discover the two specific nutrients that have been shown to reduce the risk and slow the progression of cataracts and macular degeneration. Find out how to grow healthy, veggie-loving kids on. We all know how smart it is to eat a plant-based diet, but did you know how smart plants are? Find out what you need to know when choosing CBD for your pet. Consider how bodywork can help release body tension that results from unresolved trauma. Christiane Northrup, MD, shares her perspective on how to connect with the mother our soul needs even if, like my mother, she is no longer in body. This month I hope you connect with the nurturing mother energy of May and find ways to incorporate more self-care into your day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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