Dr. Susan Young Recoginzed with Iridologists Worldwide

Dr. Susan Young, PhD Natural Medicine, of VeroVita Holistic Health was recently inducted into the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA). She successfully completed a 35-hour course, extensive academic requirements including comprehensive anatomy and physiology, case studies, and a ten-part IIPA examination.

Iridology was once a part of the curriculum for American medical schools and is routinely used and accepted on other continents. It is the art and science of analyzing the color and structure of the iris to gain valuable health information. Each iris corresponds to over ninety areas of the human body.  

Along with other modalities used to assess a patient’s health condition, Dr. Young often uses high level photos of the patient’s iris and sclera. “By identifying inherent weaknesses reflected in the iris, you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly; by picking out trouble spots, you can prevent problems before they develop,” says Dr. Young. A lifestyle change may be recommended, incorporating a nutrition plan and specific herbs, vitamins, and supplements.

Susan Young, PhD, ND, Irid, HHP, NC, MH is located at VeroVita Holistic Health

For more information, call 304-203-4493 or visit VeroVitaHolisticHealth.com.

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