Herbal Tools for Allergy Relief

Allergens are basic substances that produce a reaction ln the body. Not intrinsically harmful, although allergens may cause a hypersensitive reaction in one out of six Americans. This aggravation of symptoms may influence the quality of daily living for some individuals.

The body protects itself against common allergens by chemical reactions in the immune system. Fluids increase to flush away the irritating antigen. This Is a normal healthy response. A person may experience this as inflammation from histamine response from the immune process. There may be excessive tearing, itching of the skin, or post nasal dripping. Extreme reactions such as: prolonged common symptoms, hives, or anaphylactic shock would require investigation from a primary care professional.

Once a clear picture of an individual is understood, then herbalism has a variety of medicinal herbs to utilize in common allergen reactions. The herbs support the chemical reactions in the immune system to balance and restore the body’s natural health. The best herbalist on the planet, the honey bee, creates honey to soothe and heal allergies. Honey contains 135 nutrients, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial components. It makes a great delivery mechanism for medicinal herbs. Schisandra berry improves immune response by protecting the liver and reducing histamine reactions. Chrysanthemum flower is excellent for reducing excessive tearing. Basil will improve the boggy tissue of the mucus membranes by the astringent quality of the plant.

This is just a few of the beautiful herbal tools provided for us and our body’s health. Herbs are powerful allies upon our lifetime in wellness.

Joanna Helms BA, RH·AHG, owns Mama Jo's Sunshine Herbals, 1300 Pinetree Drive #3, Indian Harbour Beach. For more information, call 321-779-4647 or visit Facebook.com/MamaJosSunshineHerbals.

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