Functional Medicine is the Future

Fifteen years ago, I was picking up a prescription for antibiotics. I asked the pharmacist about taking probiotics in conjunction with the prescription. The pharmacist laughed at me. Literally, chuckled and gave me the equivalent of an eye-roll. Fortunately, I had experienced the power of probiotics for myself and just shrugged off her response as a reflection of the state of medicine at that time. Now, we see probiotics featured on product labels, and pharmacists and doctors recommend them.

Today, I believe we are again witnessing a growing health movement. In my opinion, Functional Medicine is the future of health care. Functional Medicine doctors consider the whole person using a patient-focused, systems-oriented, clinical model which seeks to address causes of illness, rather than simply treat symptoms. In our Healing Ways column, Jeffery S. Bland, Ph.D., who is recognized as the father of Functional Medicine shares, “Medical science didn’t have the advanced technology 25 years ago to perform the research that now helps us better understand the complexity of chronic illness, as well as our present ecological view of the body.” Functional Medicine helps detect what is out of balance before it becomes chronic, so we can return to optimal health. I have experienced the significant impact this approach has had on my lifestyle, my health and the health of my family.

This issue features The Keys to Women’s Health, a special section devoted to local resources for women’s health issues. Over the last 16 years of publishing Natural Awakenings, I have been fortunate to personally experience the services and products found in our pages. Enjoy getting to know physicians, practitioners and business owners that offer services and products that can enhance your health. Our feature article, Healing the Hard Stuff, explores natural approaches to resolve major illnesses. Find advice to reduce menopause symptoms, try yummy condiment recipes with added zest and nutrients and brush up on tips to communicate with a child. This month, I hope you are able to spend time with the special women in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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