Chronic Illness Support Group on the Treasure Coast

Carol Baxter and The Inspired Living Center invites you to join The Invisible Journey: Chronic Illness Support Group of the Treasure Coast. It is a place for those struggling to make sense of a life with chronic illness to come together for support, understanding and resources.

This monthly event meets the second Monday of each month. This month’s meeting will be on Monday, March 12, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at a private residence.

“Chronic illness creates many challenges, from career crisis and relationship issues to struggles with self-esteem, personal identity, and isolation,” says Baxter. “People find that it’s easy to feel ‘evicted’ from a normal life when illness strikes, and natural to grieve what was while struggling to define a new sense of self.”

This monthly support group is for those who want to apply and enjoy new ideas for health and well-being. It will help participants gain a sense of empowerment and control, improve coping skills, discover methods of adjustment, talk openly and honestly about feelings, gain practical advice or information about health options, and generate methods to reduce stress, depression, anxiety or fatigue.

“Make peace with a life turned upside down. You don’t have to go it alone,” says Baxter.

For more information or to reserve your space call Carol Baxter, Pastoral Counselor and Certified Life Coach at 772-359-8924. Please visit or email to learn more about her services and how she can help.

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