Making Connections for a Healthier You

People everywhere are thinking about their New Year’s resolutions.” I heard this phrase from a television host and thought, “oh, good idea.” I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions. Over the years, I’ve been so busy raising kids, working and managing the holidays that making resolutions got pushed aside. However, this year I’m feeling motivated to set a few goals. I am taking advantage of the new year’s organizational energy to make some upgrades to my home. And due to the support of some amazing natural health practitioners, I know I need to “remodel” my health by making some changes to my exercise routine.

To help you make and keep resolutions for your health, this edition is our very special annual Natural Living Directory. We’ve designed it to be your natural phone book; keep it year-round to easily access our community’s best natural living resources.

With the birth of a New Year and a metaphorical new start, Natural Awakenings has a new look. As you page through its contents, you may notice the subtle yet strategically thought-out upgrades in appearance. Also, this month, we launch our new mobile-friendly website allowing you to access resources, informative articles, and events in our community from any device.

Since 2001, it has been our privilege to keep you informed with the latest in natural news. As I look back I can see that Natural Awakenings has grown to become the community’s multimedia resource for healthy living and a healthy planet. So, thank you to our readers and advertisers, as your support has made that growth possible. We are grateful to play a role in helping you make connections to help you achieve your health goals and we look forward to making even more connections in the year to come. The practitioners and businesses you’ll find in this directory are ready to support you in your resolutions for a healthier you – be sure to call on them.

Here’s to healthy New Year’s resolutions that last a lifetime!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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