Well Within Offers New Health Technology

Well Within is pleased to announce they are now offering HIVAMAT (HIstologically VAriable MAnual Technique) therapy. “This health technology was developed in Germany and used by doctors for lymphedema and plastic surgeons to accelerate postsurgical healing,” says Dr. Sonja Mountain. “The desired results were astounding, but they were even more impressed by the reports of health improvement benefits in parts of the body that weren’t being directly treated. HIVAMAT uses deep oscillation and electrostatic energy to enhance healing on a microscopic, local and systemic level. Treatments aid the body through three phases of treatment: breaking up accumulated waste, promoting cellular relaxation, opening lymphatic pathways, and pumping waste to eliminate it. 

The therapy is said to promote faster healing, increase circulation, decrease swelling, break down scar tissue, increase tissue relaxation and function. “Patients report experiencing more rapid results than with other modalities, including laser therapy, for knee and shoulder problems, plantar fasciitis, neck and back problems, sinus problems, allergies, immune weakness, ankle swelling, muscle cramping, constipation and overall health improvement,” says Dr. Mountain. This technology has recently become available in the U.S. and Well Within is one of the few facilities in the state offering HIVAMAT treatments.

Mention Natural Awakenings for 20% off a treatment during February. Well Within, Health Restoration Center, Dr. Sonja and Noel Mountain, 401 4th Ave, Indialantic. 321-724-1212. WellWithinUs.com

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