Spinal Rehabilitation Available at Coastal Chiropractic

Dr. Lee Smith, DC, at Coastal Chiropractic specializes in Spinal Rehabilitation – returning the spine to its proper alignment. “Spinal rehabilitation may include a range of different solutions suited to the patient’s needs,” says Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith uses Wobble Therapy before a spinal adjustment to increase the spine’s range of motion and ensure that discs are flexible to corrections without reverting to old, unhealthy patterns. Neuro-muscular Re-education is a series of exercises aimed at increasing balance, strength and stability while improving posture and strengthening the core for correct alignment. “It is ideal for all ages and can re-educate the brain to hold proper posture,” says Dr. Smith. “With a soft pillow in the middle of a long metal pole, a variety of Postursizer Exercises can be performed to stretch the spine and correct posture. Static posture is enhanced with slow, gradual movements that can speed recovery. Vibrations Plates offer 20 to 50 vibrations per second, from all directions, so that the core and back muscles are stabilized.”

“The Precor StretchTrainer stretching program strengthens the body, increases range of motion and can alleviate pain with minimal injury risk. Deep Muscle Stimulator is a powerful handheld vibration device with deep penetration,” states Dr. Smith. “It increases range of motion by treating soft tissues.”

To learn more about Dr. Smith and Spinal Rehabilitation, visit CCSpine.com or call 321-327-7014. Coastal Chiropractic is located at 100 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne.

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