Newly Released Gratitude For Life Journal

Dawn C. Meyer wants everyone to realize the importance and power of gratitude and to express gratitude for all of the little and big things in their life. Meyer has written a new book, Gratitude For Life Journal and her hope is that it helps readers to realize all of the wonders, joys and fun that they already have so they can build on them to make life even more amazing.

According to Meyer, “The universe provides more of what you focus upon, so when you express gratitude for what you appreciate in your life, the universe says, ‘OK, I’ll give you more of that!’ Expressing gratitude daily is a great way to create more of what you’d like your life to be. Express your gratitude for everything in life and see what amazing things show up!”

Meyer will be creating a virtual 21-day gratitude challenge beginning February 14th to assist you to love your life again through gratitude.

For information, call 321-261-5975 or email To register for the 21-Day Challenge, To purchase Meyer’s Gratitude For Life Journal,

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