Life Coach, Jodi Rita Emphasizes Empowerment

Since 2012 Jodi Rita has been guiding her Space Coast clients through empowerment strategies, helping them create happier more focused lives. As a graduate of The Certified Coaches Federation, an elite international coaching program that has received the highest recommendations in the world, Rita’s work emphasizes empowerment.  

Recently relocating to the Treasure Coast Rita had a decision to make—continue coaching or start something new. Taking into consideration her experiences as a lingerie designer in London, a real estate developer in Florida and her passion for creating unique art, ultimately Rita decided to continue her work as a life coach, focusing on maintaining her Space Coast clients while building new clientele on the Treasure Coast.

“Most often clients come to me when they find themselves stuck in a pattern of fear. By helping them to identify both their strengths and weaknesses and teaching them empowerment tools, they begin to look at their lives through a whole new lens, overcome their fears and, in most cases, turn their fears into strengths. I love seeing my clients transform their lives,” says Rita.  

Rita facilitates workshops at various locations across the Space and Treasure Coasts. For more information, call 321-591-8290, or visit to sign up for a free 60-minute coaching session. 

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