Blazing a New Path

Mom, I think I’m going to take the job,” said Ryan. My son has always blazed his own trail. He knew what career path he wanted at 13-years-old and started pursuing his dream to become a sports broadcaster in high school. When he stepped on his college campus, he immediately immersed himself in jobs to that would hone his skills. His plan to leisurely apply for post-grad jobs while finishing his degree, enjoying student life and working nearly full-time in his student broadcasting job took a quick turn to travel a new path. We didn’t anticipate he would get a new job before the new year started, but he adapted quickly and created a plan that allows him to accept a new opportunity, while completing his degree and honoring his other sportscasting commitments.

In our feature article, 21st Century Parenting, Tony Wagner, an author and senior research fellow at the Learning Policy Institute shares, “The world doesn’t care how much our children know; what the world cares about is what they do with what they know.” I’ve seen this with both of my children as they enter the work force. When my oldest son, Kyle, was interviewing for software engineering jobs, the companies were more interested in how he solved problems than his curriculum.

This issue is jam-packed with healthy options for the whole family including your pet. Discover how choosing a holistic vet can broaden your medical options and find local holistic pet resources. Explore the impact our relationships with animals can have on our health [page 26]. Enjoy recipes for simply wild and wonderful plants bursting with nutrition and how cycling can lead to a healthier brain. Consider how regenerative agriculture can result in healthier food and contribute to reversing the effects of climate change. I hope that in this issue you find inspiration to blaze a new path on your healthy lifestyle journey.

Here’s to a healthy new school year for your entire family!

Kris Urquhart, publisher

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