Staying Engaged is Key to Burning Calories

Everyone’s fitness journey is unique, so it is important to discover which type of exercise keeps you engaged and motivated. Consider incorporating a variety of options such as low impact, cardio workouts on a gym elliptical, a brisk walk around your neighborhood or breaking a sweat with a diverse, full-body workout that keeps your body challenged.

Of course, if you are working towards a fitness goal, it is important to not just break a solid sweat, but to also know how many calories you burn completing specific workouts. For example, working out in an aerobics class will eliminate the calories of a dietary splurge in less time than you think.

There are many fitness club solutions that will provide an effective workout – especially as fitness equipment continues to evolve with new product innovations that help you stay on track and committed to your workouts.

Stair Master or Stepper’s unique design incorporates different levels that will more than double the work out of most leading home treadmills. Love running, but can’t handle the heat? Explore indoor treadmills and elliptical machines which are designed to mimic a natural running stride but with lower impact.

Fitness Tips to Stay on Track

  • Determine your goals, and create a workout plan to keep you accountable.
  • Enjoy your food splurges; if you feel guilty, it isn't a treat.
  • Remember, consistency is key. Choose an activity you enjoy so you will stick with it.
  • Select fitness equipment that is designed to accomplish your goals. You want equipment that fits you -- instead of you having to fit it.

Linda Wardell is the owner-manager of the Fitness Club Merritt Island offering fitness equipment, classes, personal training, outdoor pool and tennis courts. For more information call 321-455-2227 or visit

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