Iridologist Joins Indian River Acupuncture

Indian River Acupuncture in Vero Beach announces the addition of Dr. Susan Young, who holds a PhD in Natural Medicine. She is an internationally certified Iridologist, Master Herbalist, certified Clinical Aromatherapist and certified Nutritionist. Iridology is a centuries-old technique for identifying health-related signs in the eye. This approach has commonly been used in Europe and Asia and was once taught in American medical schools.

“Although the sclera (white of the eye) reveals important factors, each iris has over 90 areas that may correspond to related areas of the body,” says Dr. Young. “Often, the iris will indicate an inherent weakness, or acute or chronic condition in the body that has not yet manifested obvious symptoms. Hence, Iridology can serve as an adjunct to help improve health and well-being.”

Dr. Young uses the technique as an assessment tool, and not to diagnose. An Iridology examination does not address vision or diseases of the eye. The preliminary iriscope photography is brief and painless. Photographs are analyzed along with the detailed health history submitted by the patient. Dr. Young then meets with the patient for a thorough interview and to educate and recommend modifications.

Indian River Acupuncture is located at 1345 36th St, Vero Beach. For appointments call 304-203-4493. 

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