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Tackling Ticks

No one likes ticks, but like fleas and cockroaches, they are a fact of life. After a winter break in the northern states, they’re back with a vengeance come warmer weather and plague parts of the south all year round.

Herb Garden

Many of the herbs we use to liven up our foods or supplement our bodies prove to be powerful medicines for our furry and feathered friends. Start with these four easy-to-grow herbs.

Trail Fixes

To unleash enjoyment of the great outdoors with your dog, take along these first-aid fixes, which work for both humans and pets.

Make Fleas Flee

If you share your life with a dog or cat, fleas are often a fact of life, especially during warm weather months. Implementing a holistically designed prevention and control program is the way to go. These suggestions will help you get through, flea-free.

Holistic Pet Care

The alternative and complementary therapies that work so well in humans can also have value for your animal companion.

Herbs to Go

Traveling can be hard on the family dog or cat. You can help ease your furry friend’s distress with these natural herbal remedies.

Amazing Animal Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, which has become incredibly popular for treatment of human conditions, is equally suitable for animals.