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Letting Kids Just Be Kids

Science says there’s no need to program a child’s every moment! It turns out that “just playing” builds practical skills that will last a lifetime.

Dad & Daughter Dates

Spending relaxed time with her dad lets a girl know that she’s a priority for him. It works to imbue her with strength and confidence throughout her whole life.

Teen Drama Queens

Adolescence can signal the sudden unraveling of previously sturdy mom-daughter relationships. Here are some calming, loving ways to weather a teenager’s mood swings and reactive outbursts.

Park It Here

Family trips to our national parks offer affordable, accessible, fun adventures that link us with nature and strengthen our commitment to appreciate and care for priceless resources.

Honoring Earth Day

This year’s National Park Week, from April 20 to 28, centered around Earth Day, offers free admission to all 398 national parks from April 22 to 26. Earth Day’s 43rd anniversary celebrations include a host of local events to help citizens of all ages join in the next “billion acts of green,” aligned with the theme: The Face of Climate Change.

Six Powerhouse Foods for Kids

Nearly a third of American kids and teens today are overweight and thus at greater risk for Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The good news is that it’s never too late to introduce healthy foods to a child.

Bully Blues Busters

Bullying behavior among school-age children may have shifted from hitting, punching and pushing to hurtful words, glares, whispers and exclusion—but it’s still just as damaging. New strategies and initiatives help promote kind behavior, instead.

Addressing Autism

According to a new parental study, for some kids on the autism spectrum, the gluten- and casein-free (GFCF) diet appears to be connected with remarkable, positive changes.

Mindful Holiday Traditions

By slowing down and refocusing on what makes this time of year so special, we can help our children—and ourselves—create fresh, meaningful traditions and experience genuine joy.

Staying Healthy Naturally

Keeping kids well during the winter can be a challenge, so Natural Awakenings has compiled several leading health experts’ best tips and at-home remedies.