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Dad Matters

When a dad is highly involved, the kids turn out to be smarter, more motivated and successful plus less likely to get into trouble.

Seniors, Teens and Tykes

Booming numbers of both seniors and youngsters offer new opportunities for the two generations to learn from each other.

A Greener Shade of Youth

As the planet warms up, teens and young adults are markedly more concerned about the environment and are educating themselves as they take action.

Nighttime Parenting

Up to 70 percent of American children have problems sleeping at night, but some simple steps help them get more shut-eye.

Mindful Minutes for Little Ones

It may not look exactly like mom and dad’s yoga, but today’s hyper-scheduled kids love a chance to breathe deep and stretch.

Treating Autism Naturally

When we view a child’s autism as a condition that can change for the better, avenues of natural healing open up.

Generous Pint-Sized Givers

Walking children through the process of being helpful to others can instill lifelong habits of altruism.

What’s Your Child’s EQ?

By listening closely to our children and validating their emotions, we can empower them to better handle tough situations, sometimes all on their own.

Early Puberty

American girls often start physically maturing these days before age 10—a dramatic drop in the onset rate of puberty that appears linked to diet, chemicals and stress.

Whole Child Sports

Parents may believe organized sports are best for kids, but free play is actually what makes kids creative, resilient and better problem-solvers.