Feng Shui and Design Consultations Available

Linda Adams is pleased to offer in-home consultations for Feng Shui and design as well as a variety of health and wellness workshops at Goats Under the Oaks in Vero Beach.

Adams is a Licensed Interior Designer with over 30 years’ experience in both residential and commercial design. For the past 11 years she has designed elegant interiors in Vero Beach. Her passion for living a well-balanced life led her to discover many ancient practices.   

In 1997 she became a Reiki Master giving her the ability to understand and improve subtle energies. “Knowing the impact our surroundings have on our wellbeing led me to becoming a Feng Shui Consultant in 2000,” explains Adams.

“Feng Shui is a wonderful tool for enhancing all we desire. Helping my clients create a space promoting a well-balanced life is a passion,” states Adams. “My techniques are clear and simple: helping homeowners live a clutter-free balanced life.” Adams’ services start with an assessment of her clients’ space. She’ll then recommend the repositioning of furnishings for proper placement and proportions, and the addition of the correct symbols reflecting individual clients’ desires for health, abundance, creativity and clarity.

Goats Under the Oaks is located at 7025 81 Street, Vero Beach. For more information, call 772-342-0387 visit GoatsUnderTheOaks.com for upcoming workshops and classes. 

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