Bodywork Makes the Body Work

I can be covered and ready on a massage table in under 30 seconds. It’s impressive really. I’ve developed my own technique that includes draping the sheet over my shoulders like a cape and climbing on the table from the end. The best part is I avoid becoming a sheet burrito.

For the last two years I’ve made bi-weekly massage a priority due to a frozen shoulder. After learning that frozen shoulder is common in women my age, I employed a combination of osteopathic manipulation treatment, physical therapy, energy work and massage therapy in my recovery plan. I stopped massage for a couple of months and regressed ­– losing range of motion. It was clear that massage therapy was critical to my recovery. I’m fortunate to have a skilled therapist with various certifications that has a deep understanding of anatomy, as well as how the body’s systems work together.

“Stress and inflammation cause pain and disease,” says holistic practitioner Martha Garland, in our feature article Age-Defying Bodywork, “All of this that we carry in our bodies will make us feel much older than our years.” Losing the normal function in a part of my body that is essential to daily tasks certainly led me to think about aging. It is an experience that has motivated me to continue making lifestyle changes that will help me to age with grace.

In this issue you will find inspiration to include anti-aging elements into your lifestyle. Easily incorporate bodywork into your day with one of the local bodyworkers on page 25. Ayurvedic cooking is an ancient system designed to restore balance, find recipes by local Ayurveda experts on page 34. Learn how yoga helps people tap into their life force and find a yoga class near you in our Yoga Community Guide. Then discover how the perils of plastic in our environment is driving new strategies for a healthier planet and join local Keep America Beautiful organizations in a beach cleanup on September 21. This month make an appointment with a bodyworker and start your age-defying journey!

Here’s to aging gracefully!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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