Palm City 3Natives Offers Fresh New Menu Options

3Natives Palm City is pleased to announce new additions to their menu that will be rolling out in March. From vegan chili, Thai wraps to chicken soup, there are options for everyone. Although there will be new options to quench your palate, 3Natives will still be offering their signature acai bowls, smoothies, wraps, salads and other customer favorites.

The beloved restaurant will also still be providing their wide selection of cold pressed juices, now with the added bonus of celery juice. “With this vast selection of menu items, 3Natives Palm City is the perfect place to take the whole family,” says Kamila Wolser. “The staff is warm and inviting and will always help with whatever dietary concern you may have. Whether it be a Keto, Whole 30, or gluten-free option, we are always ready to help.”

Palm City 3Natives hours of operation are Monday - Saturday 8am to 7pm and Sundays 8am to 5pm. Call ahead service is provided, (to save time) but not required, 772-266-4980. Look for a 20% off discount coupon in ad

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