Oncology Massage for the Cancer Patient

When massage therapists hear the word cancer from their clients they often turn the client away. They fear that they can spread cancer to other parts of the body. This is very unfortunate for the client. Research has shown that massage therapy can not spread cancer to other places within the body. If this were true than normal daily activities such as walking, showering, hugging, and light exercising would cause cancer to spread as well and these activities are encouraged for cancer patients.

Oncology massage is a gentle comforting touch that allows cancer patients to relax and let their bodies heal from treatment. Most cancer patients cannot tolerate any amount of pressure due to radiation, chemotherapy, metastasis, medications, and surgeries. Also, some but not all cancer patients go through low self-esteem, due to surgeries and radiation.

During a massage for cancer patients their range of motion and tight muscles are not the focus, which some people may have a hard time adjusting to this change. The benefits of oncology massage for a cancer patient are: reduce pain and fatigue, decrease anxiety and nausea, improve sleep, ease isolation, enhance body image, and nurture well-being.

At no time will oncology massage take the place of modern medicine. The purpose of oncology massage is to help the patient relax and let go.

Amanda Lewis, LMT is a member of rhe Society fot Oncology Massage. She is located in Historic Downtown Melbourne. A doctor’s note is required for anyone who would like to receive oncology massage. For more information please call 321-674-9900. AmandaLewisLMT.com 

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