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Welcome to Natural Awakenings

July Issue

Urban & Suburban Agriculture
and Gut Health

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Connecting that Gut Feeling

“Kris, Ryan isn’t breathing properly,” my husband, Jim, woke me with this statement about 20 years ago.
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Desoto Park: Something Unique for the City of Satellite Beach

May 4 marked the grand opening of Brevard County’s first play space that isn’t just for kids.

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer at Aquarian Dreams

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer/Psychic Explorer will connect random audience members with their loved ones on the other side.
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Help For Home Gardeners

Extension Agents at Your Service
Nationwide, local extension agents offer soil testing and instruction in organic methods, making rain barrels, choosing native plants and a host of low-cost and no-cost services.

Beyond Antibiotics

Pets Can Heal With Natural Approaches
Antibiotics for pets can carry considerable downsides, so it's worth exploring natural options like herbs, homeopathy and nutritional interventions with a holistic or integrative vet.

Alice Robb on the Transformative Power of Dreams

We can teach ourselves first to recall our dreams and then to influence them to enhance our inner growth and creativity, says the author.

Crops in the City

Urban Agriculture Breaks New Ground
Entrepreneurial innovators are tapping into new technologies and markets to grow fresh, healthy food within cities, turning so-called ‘mean streets’ into ‘green streets.’
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Why Readers Love Natural Awakenings

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Restore Alignment with EKS Beachside Bodywork

The “EKS methods” include yoga, Pilates, aerial arts and pain management and EKS Beachside Bodywork is fully equipped for all of these in order to assist practitioners in increasing their mobility, strength, flexibility and overall health and well-being.

Create Your Own Bath Products at Nourish

Shoshanna Walker, product creator and founder of Nourish Natural Bath Products, has created a new in-store experience for customers to experience creating their own safe and all-natural bath products.

Soulcollage Workshops Offered in Vero Beach

Marcy Purdy, ATR, BC of ArtReach in Vero Beach is excited to announce her summer Soulcollage series of workshops.

NAU Physical Therapy Assists with Weight Loss

Dr. Sokunthea (Sukie) Nau, DPT and owner of Nau Physical Therapy is pleased to offer physical therapy services for injuries and other conditions.

A Crystal Bowl Sound Vibrational Exploration in Port Saint Lucie

Down to Earth Yoga invites you to join Certified Yoga Teacher, Kim Cook, for an afternoon of A Crystal Bowl Sound Vibrational Exploration.

Tarot Cards on the Treasure Coast

Eric Alder brings close to 25 years of experience reading Tarot Cards professionally to the Treasure Coast and beyond.

Treasure Coast Author Releases New Book

La Verne Moore-Slaughter is proud to announce the release of her book God Encounters are Real.

Summer Programs for Kids

Aquarian Dreams is hosting unique workshops for kids and teens in July covering reiki, yoga and art.

Health and Life Coaching Available in Rockledge

Melissa and Patrick Gallant, owners of Etheria Wellness, are pleased to offer health coaching and life coaching, as well as mind and spirit events, classes and retreats.

The Zen Room Welcomes Beginners

The Zen Room has been sharing the eastern healing arts of yoga, meditation and qigong in Cocoa Village for 15 years.

Elder Care Services in Brevard

Just A Friend Elder Care was established to help seniors stay in their homes longer.

New Authentic Healing Experience in Melbourne

Trisha Schmalhofer, LMT, is pleased to offer an authentic healing experience to help those who feel disconnected, overwhelmed, overly sensitive or exhausted and are looking for a breakthrough.

Chelation Therapy Now Available in Melbourne

Vitalifts is pleased to offer Chelation Therapy.
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Health Briefs

Munch Nuts for a Healthy Brain

Improves Cognitive Functions

Sleep Better and Feel Happier With Probiotics

Healthy Bacteria Helps with Mood and Rest

Get Eyes Checked to Detect Early Alzheimer’s

Optometry's Link to Brain Health

Eat Mostly Plants to Ease Gum Inflammation

Oral Health Benefits

Take B12 to Help With Parkinson’s

Vitamin Slows Progression

Try Cordyceps to Strengthen the Lungs

Medicinal Fungus Helps COPD Patients
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Wonder Weed

Hemp to the Rescue at Detox Sites

Too Blue

Algae Loss Colors Ocean

Dangerous Dozen

Produce to Avoid

Alarm Sounded

Ireland Declares Climate Emergency

Action Alert

Greenhouse Gases Hit Landmark

Sunny Solution

Wastewater Turned into Hydrogen Fuel