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Bodywork Makes the Body Work

I can be covered and ready on a massage table in under 30 seconds. It’s impressive really.

Blazing a New Path

‘Mom, I think I’m going to take the job,” said Ryan. My son has always blazed his own trail.

Connecting that Gut Feeling

“Kris, Ryan isn’t breathing properly,” my husband, Jim, woke me with this statement about 20 years ago.

Diet Change is a No-Brainer

“Wow, I’m getting so much done today!” I told my husband.

Living Better, Feeling Better

“I feel better today than I have in a long time,” I told my doctor. I was at my periodic functional medicine review discussing any changes I could make in my lifestyle for overall health.

Inspiring New Blooms

This morning my husband called me into our foyer to see the new iris bloom peeking into our front door window.

Tis’ the Season…for Allergies!

“Oh my, more than half our team is down!” I told my colleague Kasey. We had three team members under the weather at the same time.

Being Mindful of a Healthy Heart

“Hey Siri, what is the weather like today?” Each morning I check in with my digital helper to help me plan my morning walk.

Making Connections for a Healthier You

“You know mom, a sweet potato has a better macro count than rice,” said my son Ryan. I’ve never considered macros when choosing my diet, with my gluten-free and plant focused options I have enough on my plate (pun intended). However, my health conscious son is incorporating this strategy into his lifestyle, so I am picking up new tidbits of information. I always enjoy learning fresh perspectives on health and discovering innovative options.

Evolving Holiday Magic

When my kids were younger, the approaching holidays meant making plans to create holiday magic for little ones.