November 2013

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Pivot Point

Better manufacturing is reducing the coal-powered electricity necessary to produce solar panels.

Shop with the Planet in Mind

Green shopping means knowing the eco-cost of our choices – such as the fact that it takes 630 gallons of water to produce one hamburger.

Easing Earth's Rising Fever

There’s still time to act in concrete ways to dramatically reduce the volume of carbon dioxide-emissions from worldwide burning of fossil fuels and to ease the impact of extreme weather on future generations.

Energy Healing Comes of Age

At a recent medical conference, allopathy met alternative complements in lectures that introduced doctors to qigong, light bodies, prana and other energy healing concepts.

HerCare of Brevard

Dr. Donna G. Ivery's traditional gynecology practice is now HerCare of Brevard (formerly ONA-GYN), offering a wide range of services for today's woman in a relaxing spa-like environment.

Upper Cervical Health Centers of America

What makes Upper Cervical Care so unique? Upper Cervical Care focuses on the top two bones in the neck where the brain stem transitions into the spinal cord,

Souler Float

Souler Float Mind and Body Therapy spas specialize in stress, pain and relaxation services.

Smile Design and Implant Center

Biologic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that looks at the mouth and its structures as part of the whole body.

Radiantly Healthy MD

Rebecca Hunton, MD is an integrative specialist who provides a range services with a whole body preventative, proactive and functional approach.

Organic Mattress Haven

Organic Mattress Haven specializes in organic mattresses, pillows, mattress pads, and sheets.

Mama Jo’s Sunshine Herbals

Joanna Helms, Registered Herbalist and professional member of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG), has created more than a local herb store.

CARE Chiropractic & Wellness Center

CARE Chiropractic & Wellness Center was established by Dr. Brian Walsh, chiropractic physician.