Gratitude Amidst Chaos

As I write this letter from my kitchen table, it is challenging to focus. Two workmen are discussing the best approach for finishing the baseboards, four guys are setting up dehumidifying tents in my living room and bedroom, and two plumbers are fixing the pipes inside and out. What I thought would be a 4-day disruption to replace some very worn flooring, became a much larger upheaval when wet concrete was discovered under my carpet. We have literally moved nearly every possession at least once, most items are not where they belong, and my cats keep finding new places to hide. Life can certainly throw us curveballs, but when a plumbing leak was revealed under the slab of my home, I had to go with the flow (pun intended). It is week three of ongoing chaos but with the new dehumidifying tents an end may be in sight.

While putting together the editorial for this issue, the title for our feature article jumped out at me: Rising Above Adversity. I laughed as I observed that life’s messages have a way of reaching us when we need them most. Doug Hensch, an executive coach and author of Positively Resilient: 56 Secrets to Beat Stress, Overcome Obstacles, and Defeat Anxiety points out, “Challenges don’t define you. How you respond does.

I am choosing to stay in a state of gratitude through this experience. We are using this opportunity to clear out many items that no longer serve us. Everything is being cleaned and dusted. We are very thankful to have so many capable people helping to repair our home. One adage I like to rely on is “this too shall pass.” I am looking forward to a freshly organized office with a new appreciation for the quiet space!

This issue is filled with ideas and tips for creating love in your life. Mark Rosenfeld shares secrets for a successful love match [page xx]. Find tips for self-love in our Inspiration column [page xx]. Discover how teens can learn to love their looks [page 30] and tips to find the right meditation practice [page 26]. Consider incorporating the top ten heart healthy superfoods into a yummy Valentine’s Day meal [page 28]. This month, take a break from your busy life and enjoy time with the ones you love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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