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Identifying Trigger Points

Trigger points come into being as a result of stress, injury, misuse or disuse of a muscle or muscle group. A trigger point is a tightness of muscle tissue commonly located in the center of the muscle.

You can often feel a trigger point. It may feel like a knot or a tight band or can cause pain. It may be hot to the touch and it may refer pain somewhere beyond where it is located. For example, if you are working a trigger point, you may notice a corresponding pain in another area on your body.

Trigger points can occur for a number of reasons such as overuse of a muscle, old and new injuries, stress, repetitive movements, or bad posture. They may stay hidden for years. Once a trigger point is alleviated that may be the end of the problem. Or, they can recur easily if the cause has not been corrected. Talk to your massage therapist and see if they can help.

Trish Myers is a licensed massage therapist certified in neuromuscular therapy. She specializes in providing "in home" massage for the mature woman. She is the owner/operator of Professional Therapeutic Massage in Melbourne. Contact her at 321-750-4500.

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