August 2013

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Winning Against Cancer Program

Holistic Health Center is offering Winning Against Cancer, a program to provide treatment options for people with cancer.

Healthy Pantry Challenges

Why is there no food in this house?” With two teenagers and everyone operating on a different schedule, that question can be heard emanating from my kitchen fairly often.

Relaxation Enhances Healing

According to recent studies performed by The Center for Reiki Research, positive results were seen with over 93% of patients treated by experienced Reiki Masters. Reiki is a Japanese energy-based therapy that promotes healing and overall wellness

Pre/Post Surgery Products Restore Confidence

A woman may feel differently about her body after a mastectomy and with many, breasts symbolize femininity, sexuality, and nurturance. Many women feel that losing a breast to cancer alters their identity as a woman.

Optimize Your Immune System to Reduce Side Effects

Scientific data shows that we all have circulating cancer cells. A healthy immune system is vital in identifying and removing these cancer cells.

Support Recovery: Diet and Exercise

Body fat increases estrogen which may increase the risk of Breast Cancer and its re-occurrence rate. Prevent fat gain by exercising 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week and decreasing animal fat and processed foods in your diet

Holistic Mind-Body Approach with Lifestyle Support

Nausea, changes in digestive function, poor appetite, decrease in immune system, skin sensitivity, pain, nervousness, depression, sleep issues...

Address Side Effects with Chinese Herbs

Rebuilding good healthy cells while building back immunity with Chinese herbs can assist cancer recovery and directly address symptoms such as extreme fatigue, nausea, low blood count, hair loss, and mental fogginess...

Bring the Body Back into Balance

Reiki is a Japanese Technique for stress reduction and relaxation, bringing the body back into balance, relieving the flight or fight mode in which we live.

Enhance Self-esteem with Body Treatments

Women can feel angry, sad, scared and a myriad of other emotions after breast cancer surgery.

Tips to Support Cancer Recovery Naturally

Cancer diagnosis sends patients on a journey for which few are prepared.

Rethinking Cancer

As scientific knowledge of cancer grows, so does the scope and effectiveness of natural therapies. From diet to detoxification to stress reduction, we now know proven, proactive ways to prevent cancer from starting or spreading.