Why Do We Get Allergies?

Research in the field of quantum physics has shown us that everything - the paper you are holding, the food that you eat, flowers, trees, animals, every person - has its own unique energy field. When a substance is introduced into our energy field, it either reacts negatively (weakens us) or positively (strengthens us). When something reacts negatively, the body many times produces symptoms, often referred to as allergies.

Where we get confused is defining the word allergy. Most people think of allergies as itchy eyes and runny noses. More accurately, an allergy is something with which we are incompatible (weakens us). Based upon this definition, allergies can manifest as mental or emotional disorders, hormonal imbalances, skin problems, aches and pains, and/or internal organs not functioning properly.

Whereas, most conventional treatment regimens focus on eradicating the symptoms of allergies, The Natural Allergy Elimination Technique works with the energy system of the body, encouraging it to become more compatible with the allergen. As a result, the allergen no longer causes a negative reaction. Simply put, by making this correction within the body’s energy field, The Natural Allergy Elimination Technique allows the body to more easily accept the allergen, which in turn causes the symptoms caused by the incompatibility to disappear.

Danny Quaranto, MD, DOM, NMD and Author of My Patients Say It All: Heartfelt Stories of Remarkable Healing with a Holistic Doctor, offers The Natural Allergy Elimination Technique at his practice, Alternative Medicine Family Care Center, 2050 40th Ave, Suite 2, Vero Beach. For more information, call 772-778-8877 or visit AMFCC.info.

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